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Wondering how big, small, tall, long, fast, heavy, or old something is? The Measure of Things is a tool to help you understand physical quantites in terms of things you (or your audience) are already familiar with. Need a metaphor to emphasize a written measurement? Try including a comparison to the size of a whale, or the height of the Empire State Building, or the speed of a bullet train. Need to understand how big a metric or English unit really is? Try comparing them to real, tangible objects that you see everyday.

Here are a few examples:
  • Through adopting these measures, we can reduce our total on-hand inventory by 230 units and save approximately 12,000 cubic feet of space in the warehouse, which will free up about 200 linear feet of shelf space.
  • A colony of brown bats can eat more than 3,360 fl oz of insects in a single evening.
  • The winning horse stood ran at 0.099 miles per second.
These phrases are all ok, but they're a little hard to understand — especially when they contain less intuitive measurements like miles per second. Try this instead: