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Citations, Press, and Branding Guidance

Looking to write a story or cite The Measure of Things? Fantastic!
That's why we created The Measure of Things, and we're happy to allow the use of our measurement comparisons for news or magazine articles, papers, journals, books, and other published material. Our mission is to help people understand measurements better, and that includes allowing our comparisons to be used in context. Please read on for more details about specific uses:

If you're just citing the measurements provided here — such as for a paper or other published work — you can use the Citations link for each entry to automatically generate the citation you need. The general form of these citations is:
  • MLA Style (8th Ed.)
    • "[Your measurement]". The Measure of Things, 2024, [The address of your result]. Accessed [The date you visited the site (Day, Month, Year)].
  • APA Style (7th Ed.)
    • The Measure of Things. (2024). [Your measurement] Retrieved [The date you visited the site (Month Day, Year)] from [The address of your result]
  • Chicago Style (17th Ed.)
    • "[Your measurement]". The Measure of Things. 2024. [The address of your result]

Brand Guidlines for Articles and Other Press Coverage
If you're writing an article about our website, or one featuring the information made available here, please read and follow this guidance to help make sure you're representing the brand we've worked hard to build:
  • When referring to The Measure of Things website, please use the full title, "The Measure of Things," including the definite article and capitalization
  • You may link to the results found on our website. When referring to a single item, please consider linking to the entry's Permalink page
  • You may use our logo to link to or make reference to our website, but please don't modify it (other than to resize it, provided you keep the same aspect ratio). If you need more examples of the logo, other than what's provided here, please contact us.

Our logos represent The Measure of Things and The Count of Things and should not be used to imply endorsement or affiliation, without express written consent. No adaptation, resale, or reverse engineering or the logos, designs, or any other contents of this website, is allowed without express written consent.