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How long is 451 fingers?
It's about nine-tenths as tall as a Telephone Pole
The height of a Telephone Pole is about 490 fingers.
(a.k.a. Utility Pole, a.k.a Power Pole, a.k.a. Telegraph Pole, a.k.a. Telegraph Post, a.k.a. Hydro Pole) (exposed height; per Florida Public Service Commission average)
It's about one-and-one-fifth times as long as a London bus
Flag of The UK
The length of a London bus is about 377 fingers.
(Routemaster Double-Decker, RM standard specification)
It's about three-fourths as tall as a Brachiosaurus
The height of a Brachiosaurus is about 580 fingers.
(based on comparable bone measurements, height to head)
It's about seven-tenths as long as a Semitrailer
The length of a Semitrailer is about 658.30 fingers.
(a.k.a. semi-trailer truck, a.k.a. semi, a.k.a. tractor-trailer, a.k.a. truck and trailer, a.k.a. eighteen-wheeler, a.k.a. big rig, a.k.a. Mack truck, a.k.a. transport, a.k.a. lorry, a.k.a. artic; for box truck; United States Federal length limits)
It's about two-thirds as tall as The Hollywood Sign
Flag of The US
The height of The Hollywood Sign is about 670 fingers.
(a.k.a. Hollywoodland Sign) (Mount Lee, Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Mountains, California)
It's about one-and-four-fifths times as tall as a Giraffe
The height of a Giraffe is about 260 fingers.
(Giraffa camelopardalis) (Adult, average)
It's about half as long as a Bowling Lane
The length of a Bowling Lane is about 861.910 fingers.
(USBC specifications; tenpin; including pin deck)
It's about half as long as a Cricket Pitch
The length of a Cricket Pitch is about 905.1430 fingers.
(per Marylebone Cricket Council / International Cricket Council Law #6)
It's about two-and-a-half times as long as a Beetle (Volkswagen)
The length of a Beetle (Volkswagen) is about 183.50 fingers.
(1964 model) (a.k.a. Volkswagen 1200, a.k.a. Käfer)
It's about one-third as long as Baseball base distances
The length of Baseball base distances is about 1,234.30 fingers.
(MLB Official Baseball Rules specification)
It's about one-fourth as long as Ha'Penny Bridge
Flag of Ireland
The length of Ha'Penny Bridge is about 1,930 fingers.
(a.k.a. Droichead na Leathphingine, a.k.a. Liffey Bridge, a.k.a. Droichead na Life, f.k.a. Wellington Bridge) (Quay of Bachelors Walk, Temple Bar Neighborhood, Dublin, Ireland)
It's about four-and-a-half times as tall as a Christmas Tree (artificial)
The height of a Christmas Tree (artificial) is about 100 fingers.
(artificial; average height)
It's about four-and-a-half times as tall as André the Giant
The height of André the Giant is about 99 fingers.
(Andr( Ren( Ruossimoff) (1946-1993) (wrestler and actor; WWE kayfabe height)
It's about four-and-a-half times as tall as Shaq
The height of Shaq is about 99 fingers.
(Shaquille O'Neal) (1972-) (professional basketball player, most famously of the Los Angeles Lakers)
It's about one-fifth as tall as The Chicago Water Tower
Flag of The US
The height of The Chicago Water Tower is about 2,110 fingers.
(Chicago, Illinois)
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