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Is 1,672,260 acres as big as Prince Edward Island?

It's about one-and-one-fifth times as big as Prince Edward Island
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The size of Prince Edward Island is about 1,404,520 acres.
(a.k.a. PEI, a.k.a. P.E.I., a.k.a. Île-du-Prince-Édouard, a.k.a. Eilean a' Phrionnsa, a.k.a. Garden of the Gulf, a.k.a. Birthplace of the Confederation, a.k.a. Île Saint-Jean)
Prince Edward Island, located off Canada's eastern coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, measures 1,404,520 acres in total area. Significant among Prince Edward Island's industries is agriculture, with the island producing 1.3 billion kg (1.4 million tons) of potatoes each year — almost 21% the output of the US state of Idaho with 3% as much land.
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